HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania’s largest labor organization, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations endorsed Vince Rongione for State Representative in the 163rd District of Pennsylvania. Rongione is running for the seat from which long time Rep. Nick Micozzie is retiring.

“We highly recommend these candidates for Pennsylvania’s working families. We are confident that they will support us as we fight to grow and protect jobs and support policies that will improve opportunities and the quality of life of working families. From the top of the ticket – Tom Wolf for Governor – and throughout this ticket, we have an excellent choice of leaders who are committed to keeping workers on a level playing field and moving Pennsylvania forward,” Bloomingdale said in a statement.

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO has an estimated 900,000 members and is an organization governed and comprised of local, national, and international unions. They are dedicated to fighting for fair and sustainable wages, high quality public education, affordable healthcare, job safety, and other such programs. The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO also fights to ensure corporate responsibility to protect the safety and rights of workers, the environment, and Pennsylvania’s communities.

Secretary-Treasurer Snyder stated, “Starting today, we will be deploying our activists and volunteers to reach the worksites and households of workers in every region of the state on behalf of our endorsed candidates. This election will be won or lost on voter turnout and we are determined to educate and motivate beginning today through Election Day. It’s time to stop playing defense and go on offense and that will only happen if we all vote in November.”

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO has also been a long time supporter of Rep. Nick Micozzie and endorsed him in his last and final campaign in 2012. In the 163rd District alone, the AFL-CIO has 6,500 union members who are registered voters.

Thus far in the campaign, Rongione’s campaign has received the support of over fifteen different local unions that represent workers in the district including many unions that supported long time Rep. Nick Micozzie. Rongione’s widening lead in labor support is unprecedented in the 163rd given Micozzie’s long tenure and good relations with labor.

“It’s an absolute honor to have the support of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO,” said Rongione. “My grandfather, a union organizer, worked incredibly hard to provide for my family in Upper Darby after he returned from World War II. It’s because of him and his union card that I was able to attend Villanova, work on Capitol Hill, and now run for State Representative. I think I’m making him proud today. Working families and retirees in the 163rd need a strong advocate on jobs, taxes, and schools and I will always fight for them.”

Vince Rongione is a Drexel Hill resident who grew up on Darby Road. He is a graduate of Manoa Elementary, Haverford Middle and Haverford High School. Rongione has also earned degrees from Villanova and Villanova School of Law. He worked as an aide to Admiral Joe Sestak and also served on Capitol Hill as the Communications Director to Congressman Chris Carney. Rongione is the youngest of three children, a proud uncle and godparent with five nieces and nephews. He is engaged to be married later this year. Rongione’s grandfather, who organized one of the first Insurance Worker’s strikes in Philadelphia, moved his family to Upper Darby after returning home from WWII. Rongione’s father, Nick, is a graduate of Monsignor Bonner and was elected to three terms on the Haverford Township School Board including two as President.


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