DREXEL HILL – Marking a major development in the race for the 163rd, the Pennsylvania State Education Association, the largest union of teachers, educators and school staff in the state, and the Association of Public University Faculty, the largest union of public higher education professionals in the state, endorsed Vince Rongione for State Representative. Wednesday afternoon, a group of teachers, professors, and school staff stood with their elected leadership to announce their support.

“We are proud to stand here today in support of the best choice for our schools, our students, our teachers, and our future,” said Korri Brown, President of the Southeast PSEA Region. “Across the Commonwealth, over 25,000 public school employees have lost their jobs since Tom Corbett took office and cut $1 Billion from education. Everyday our children in Delaware County are going to schools that are dangerously underfunded and understaffed. Our children’s future is at risk and we know that Vince is the only candidate in this race we can trust to stand up and fight for our kids and our schools. We can do better, we must do better, and when we elect Vince Rongione to the 163rd, we will!”

The PSEA endorsement carries significant weight with voters considering education as the top issue this election year. PSEA has an impressive 1,031 members in the 163rd alone. They have opted not to endorse in other open seat races choosing the 163rd as a top priority. PSEA supported Micozzie through 2012 and, elsewhere in Delaware County this cycle, PSEA is supporting only incumbent representatives many of whom are Republicans.

Rongione also received the support of the organization representing public university faculty who were also impacted by Corbett’s education cuts.

“Our endorsements are not about partisan politics. They are about who is the best person to support our public colleges and universities and we are proud to be here today and endorse Vince Rongione,” said BJ Mullaney, APSCUF Chapter President. “Corbett’s cuts to education did damage to our public universities and we believe Vince is the best choice to restore those cuts and help stem rising tuition rates. The faculty of public universities locally and across the state are confident Vince is the best choice to help make college more affordable for regular families and to support higher education in Pennsylvania.”

APSCUF represents more than 6,000 faculty members and coaches employed at Pennsylvania’s 14 publicly owned universities.

“It’s an honor to have the teachers of PSEA and APSCUF standing with me today,” Rongione said. “They know firsthand what our schools and children are going through, and it’s not pretty. Governor Corbett’s misguided policies have decimated schools across Pennsylvania. We have seen increased property taxes, massive layoffs, larger class sizes, and the elimination of valuable programs. After four years of underfunding our schools, it’s time for Governor Corbett to go and it’s time for new leadership in Harrisburg that puts children and schools first. I will fight everyday to restore Tom Corbett’s cuts to education and get our schools the fair funding formula they deserve by making the oil and gas drillers pay their fair share. Both my parents were teachers and I plan to always be there for our kids, our schools and our teachers. I am proud they are standing with me here today.”

Vince Rongione is a Drexel Hill resident who grew up on Darby Road in Havertown. He is a graduate of Manoa Elementary, Haverford Middle and Haverford High School. Rongione has also earned degrees from Villanova and Villanova School of Law. He worked as an aide to Admiral Joe Sestak and also served on Capitol Hill as the Communications Director to Congressman Chris Carney. Rongione is the youngest of three children, a proud uncle and godparent with five nieces and nephews. He is married to Skye. Rongione’s grandfather, who organized one of the first Insurance Worker’s strikes in Philadelphia, moved his family to Upper Darby after returning home from WWII. Rongione’s father, Nick, is a graduate of Monsignor Bonner and was elected to three terms on the Haverford Township School Board including two as President.


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