Impressive Effort Collects Roughly 40% More Signatures Than Opponent and
Three Times As Many Signatures in Havertown, Clifton Heights, and Aldan.

DREXEL HILL – In a clear and compelling display of his work ethic, determination and strong roots in the community, Vince Rongione filed over 1350 nominating petition signatures yesterday to earn his place on the ballot for the 163rd legislative district.

Vince Rongione’s 1353 signatures represent roughly 40 percent more signatures than his likely opponent and one of the top signature counts statewide on the House of Representatives level. Organizing and leading a team of dedicated community volunteers, Rongione filed more than three times the number of signatures of his likely opponent in Clifton Heights, Havertown and Aldan.

“Growing up in this neighborhood, you can’t help but learn fast to work hard. That is what is so great about our community. When a job needs to be done, you know you can count on good people to pull together, work hard and get it done,” Rongione said. “I am incredibly grateful for the volunteers who braved the weather and helped us collect signatures over the past three weeks. We talked to voters in every corner of the district and we’re hearing people say they are ready to turn the page. They want new ideas and new energy. That’s a big part of why we were able to collect more than three times the signatures in Clifton Heights, Havertown and Aldan even with the bad weather.”

The Rongione campaign signature tally is over 1000 more than the 300 that are required by law. A former aide to Joe Sestak, Rongione’s work ethic has been recognized by leaders like Steelworker’s Local 10-1 President Jim Savage and Plumbers Local 690 business manager John Kane in their endorsements of his campaign.

“We enjoyed working hard during the petition process because it gave us an opportunity to talk to thousands of voters. People are rightly upset with Governor Corbett. They want new representation and leadership that focuses on real economic growth that helps everyone. They want leadership that ensures our children get a great education and I agree with them. Those are the same things that I want for our neighborhood and our state. Those are the same things that I grew up here with and they are the things that I want to make sure we are passing on to the next generation.”

Vince Rongione is a Drexel Hill resident who grew up on Darby Road. He is a graduate of Manoa Elementary, Haverford Middle and Haverford High School. Rongione has also earned degrees from Villanova and Villanova School of Law. Rongione is the youngest of three children, a proud uncle and godparent with five nieces and nephews. He is engaged to be married later this year.  Rongione’s grandfather, who organized one of the first Insurance Worker’s strikes in Philadelphia, moved his family to Upper Darby after returning home from WWII. Rongione’s father, Nick, is a graduate of Monsignor Bonner and was elected to three terms on the Haverford Township School Board including two as President.


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